Let’s celebrate love today with flowers…Let’s send love to those we love and those who are getting on our nerves. Let’s learn and appreciate the one we love

Loved this post. Beautiful photos.

The London Flower Lover

Beloved Flower Lover,

“Wow, it’s harvest time”, she said as she looked into her heart and at her floral bag with a difference. She had not gone to bed with a bottle of wine, nor had she let the television watch her the previous night…

Love maat The London Flower Lover PicMonkey Collage

She was looking at harvest time quite differently this year.

Externally poised, respectable and happy she had been quietly nervous, struggling with doubt.  She thought she had balanced work, her colleagues, bills and her children and more. Yet there was so much more going on.

During the last week she had seen herself using the simplicity of flowers to actively plug into the wellbeing energy of love. She put flowers in strategic spots in her environment. On her desk, in her hall way, in her kitchen.

Her floral vitamin, her floral pick me up was working because despite some of her friends and family who…

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