Fast Track to Physical and Spiritual Well-Being

Some type of fasting ritual is found in most faiths or religions. Many natural health experts promote fasting to decrease inflammation, detox impurities, increase energy and improve general health. According to some spiritualists fasting enhances our “spiritual perception”. When one fasts and meditates or prays the benefits are increased since this combination helps to cut stress.

Another benefit derived from fasting is the regeneration of your pancreas so that in diabetics the amount of insulin needed is deceased day by day. Diabetes and the cardiovascular diseases linked are on the increase especially among young people. The number of people with juvenile diabetes and adult on set diabetes type II are increasing and our fast food diets have contributed to the staggering statistics.

A fast track to fasting is simple. Start the practice of fasting slowly. There are different formats and it will take time to decide the best fit for each individual. A fast that renders the best results will depend on how well-informed a person becomes about fasting because there are many variations to choose from.  Get some advice from your family doctor or a dietician to help you select the best type for your health profile. The important thing is to make sure that you can be flexible and allow yourself time for it to work for you and your loved ones.




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