The Magic of Succulents


The Magic of a Succulent

Succulents are unique in many ways. I first discovered them when I was a young newlywed. I could not keep a plant alive for any significant amount of time. Either I under watered or over exposed my plants to the sun. So most drowned or scorched.  I wanted to decorate our apartment with exotic plants. I did  inherit my mother’s green thumb gene. She managed to bring back plants from evergreen heaven no matter how bad the case of neglect.

One day while visiting a friend I noticed the various plants she had sitting on  her bay window. Every single one was vibrant and full of life. My friend and I got into a conversation about her extraordinary collection of succulents. I did not know they were called succulents then. Succulents survive in arid climates. There are many varieties and textures. Some of them flower into very colorful buds. They are often called “fat” plants because of their capacity to store water.  Well known succulents are Jade and Aloe. They are very easy to keep up and are perfect for people not born with a green thumb.

I have a small collection of succulents. I have been able to propagate the flowering succulents in my garden. It is amazing how little maintenance they need. I believe that succulents are simply magical. Their shapes, textures and natural beauty will decorate any house. They are perennials and will last a long time even in my house.

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