Eggplant Stir-fry




The overwhelming heat this past week calls for quick out of the hot kitchen meals that are light and filling. The rest of the day one can get away with drinking plenty of fluids and eating fruits and nuts. My daughter and I went to our local farmer’s market and picked up some ultra fresh veggies and made a few dishes. Her recipes will be posted on her blog of course. I can eat eggplant every day especially now that I discovered these small or mini eggplants that contain all the flavor and then some of the larger eggplants I normally use. The stir-fry turned out delicious and all was done in about 15 minutes. It all depends how well you like your meat cooked. I added a salad made of baby spinach and raspberries topped with a tablespoon of sour cream


Basic Ingredients for Stirf-ry

2 Small or 1 medium size eggplant  (sliced diagonally)

3 to 4 small steaks  (cut into thick chunks)

1 red pepper (sliced)

fresh crushed garlic to taste

1 tablespoon olive oil  or spam to coat the frying pan or wok

Himalayan Salt Crystals  to taste

A sprinkle of Goya’s all-purpose seasoning (Adobo)





Baby Spinach

Raspberries or any other favorite berry

Olive oil

1 tablespoon of  sour cream


Buen Apetito!










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